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Circular Energy: The EU’s pathway to a circular and carbon neutral future

This course explores the European Union’s (EU) comprehensive toolbox, its legislative actions, and its role in enabling the transition to climate-neutral and circular models. Explore how this energy toolbox can help the Member States and the EU become resilient, competitive, and prosperous economies.

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1.5 hours to complete

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Course Overview

Author: Vlatka Katusic

The world faces looming challenges that threaten our security, stability and prosperity. From conflict and pandemics to environmental risks and natural disasters, most countries and large organisations actively engage in a process to enhance their resilience and security. Strategies, policies, legislation, and action plans are the key drivers to meet these objectives.

This course presents the EU toolbox–a comprehensive strategy designed to help Member States navigate the journey to carbon neutrality with ease. It also emphasises the importance of incorporating the core principles of the Circular Economy from the outset in the development and implementation of any action to ensure long-term competitiveness and efficiency. 

This transition will enable the EU to diversify its energy dependencies, decarbonise the economy, advance research and innovative solutions, and provide energy security to its member states and partners.

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