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Melita's first ESG Report

We are currently examining the ESG report of Melita, a prominent telecommunications provider in Malta. Instead of delving into the various aspects of ESG, we find it particularly intriguing to focus on the company's overarching mission: "To enrich our future, digitally."


It is crucial to emphasize the alignment of ESG practices with the company's core objective, aiming for a unified and sustainable future rather than disparate and potentially conflicting perspectives. As a telecommunications entity, it is fascinating to explore how Melita has integrated its scope into its ESG targets, as outlined in the report:


To be a technology leader to sustain and enable progress in our diverse society.


To continuously improve the standard of care for employees, inspiring us to drive our purpose and values.


To have the happiest customers amongst telecommunication providers in Malta.

The Planet

Continuously reduce our environmental footprint towards Net Zero to make sure there is a world worth connecting to.

We urge readers to peruse the report to gain a deeper understanding of how these objectives are being implemented, with a particular focus on the intriguing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) being measured. 





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