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Valencia, a greener destination

Positive Vibes Sunday is taking us onto a trip.  This might look non-sensical considering the emissions related to travelling and yet we have to admit that travelling and holidays still form part of our life. Hence, our focus is on finding eco-friendly alternatives, leading us to explore a city renowned for its environmental consciousness.

What better destination than Valencia, Spain, awarded as the greenest city in Europe for 2024? Our invitation to delve into the city's green initiatives aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Beyond urban life, a must-visit is Albufera Park, declared a biosphere reserve. Here, a freshwater lagoon awaits exploration, providing an opportunity to witness flamingos up close, a departure from the usual TV viewings.

Within the city, green routes abound, including a transformed former riverbed serving as a vital green lung. While navigating the urban landscape, take note of innovative lamp posts that serve dual purposes as electric vehicle charging points.

Recognizing that travel and holidays contribute to a balanced life, opting for a green city like Valencia aligns seamlessly with our sustainability goals.


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