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Sustainable Supply Chains: The Key to ESG Success

Recent research indicates that an astonishing 78% of consumers worldwide view sustainability as a critical factor in their purchasing choices, with an additional 30% more likely to select products with robust sustainability credentials. Within the United Kingdom, a study revealed that 29% of consumers have discontinued buying certain brands or items because of ethical or sustainability-related issues. Global regulatory bodies are further solidifying this pattern by implementing regulations to ensure that businesses adopt environmental and social responsibilities, showcasing the evolving expectations surrounding conscientious production methods.
This underscores the significance of incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into supply chain operations in today's business landscape. Companies that neglect ESG due diligence are vulnerable to a range of risks, including penalties for noncompliance, harm to their reputation, and limitations on market entry. Supply chains are pivotal in a company's ESG initiatives, as they constitute more than 90% of greenhouse gas emissions and a significant proportion of operational expenses. Sustainable supply chains aim to reduce environmental impact, promote societal welfare, and maintain governance standards, thereby contributing to the creation of long-term value and resilience. However, amidst these compelling points, the central inquiry that emerges is how businesses and supply chain professionals can formulate and integrate Sustainable supply chain practices that promote their ESG strategy, a principal concern emphasized in the document.

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Sustainable Supply Chains: The Key to ESG Success

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