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Circular Business Models: Doing more, with less, for longer

This course highlights the main Circular Business Models (CBMs) enabling the transition to a Circular Economy and their role in increasing the performance and sustainability of organizations.

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Course Overview

Author: Alon Rozen

Circular business models (CBMs) can help slow, narrow, and even close resource loops as we transition from value chain thinking to a value cycle mindset.

When set up properly, CBMs:

  • Help to lower costs

  • Reduce emissions

  • Reduce resource consumption

  • Increase value

  • Build deeper relationships between providers and users

  • Create new value-accreting partnerships with suppliers and stakeholders

CBMs take us from the realm of “feel-good solutions” where profitability is sacrificed in the name of sustainability to business model optimization, where profit, purpose, people and planet co-exist harmoniously.

Besides superior performance, CBMs help:

  • Create new jobs

  • Promote innovation in industry and services

  • Embed clean energy further into the economy

  • Dematerialize many parts of the economy

  • Make cities and communities more sustainable

  • Promote responsible consumption and production

Overall, this course offers a look into three types of circular business models, highlighting their features, benefits, and the impact they have on the Circular Economy, our lives, and our future.

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