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Better Business

Specialised in ESG Reporting,

Exereco brings together solutions,

training and support to assist organisations in their pursuit

towards sustainability.

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Devoted to

Helping organisations achieve sustainability goals.


Reaching goals through one centralised platform.


Providing ESG Training, Support, and Solutions.

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Your Why

Our Why 


Every step we take is aligned with our why – to create a better world for everyone. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment, empower communities, and inspire others to embrace responsible business practices. Our ESG commitments reflect not just our values but also the values of our customers, investors, and partners.”

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Sustainability involves meeting today’s needs without compromising future generations to meet theirs. It refers to avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.
However, if these words are not reflected in our actions, sustainability will be nothing more than words.

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Our mission

is to bring these words into action and help others in doing so. We are here to assist you as you embark on your path towards sustainability.

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Our vision

is to be a guiding light in making businesses and communities more environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible. We're on a mission to inspire positive change, aiming for a future where responsible practices are just how things are done, bringing lasting well-being to everyone.

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Meet Our Co-founders


Lucille Cachia

Stephen Abela

Hailing from the software world and over fifteen years of experience in the corporate industry, Stephen has a solid background in Financial Accounting, Business Strategy and Enterprise Management. Having always had social integration and sustainability at heart, Stephen draws together these two worlds, as his interests and vision are complemented with his experience.

Passionate about learning and research, Lucille has explored various fields of study ranging from Sociology, Ethics, Business Administration, Marketing, Design and Fashion amongst others. Having more than ten years of experience in Education and Training, Lucille has tutored students and mentored professionals towards their pursuits. Besides being an educator, Lucille has also worked in the corporate industry as a marketing specialist. She is now the Director of Exereco Ltd.



It all started over a casual conversation about business, studies and life happenings. Quite the norm of a subject for anyone who knows Stephen or Lucille. However, what was beyond the usual conversation was this shared feeling and calling to do something more than just speak about the need for change. Words quickly fueled the drive to action and this shared vision was brought together through exereco.






While their journeys may have appeared different at first glance, they quickly understood that their diversified skillset can contribute to something unique. They firmly believed that businesses held the key to crafting a better, more responsible future, and they were committed to leading the way 

Through innovation, collaboration, and education, exereco strives to create a world where ethical practices and sustainable principles are seamlessly integrated into every dimension of business. Together, they strive to be at a place where social responsibility and sustainability aren't just buzzwords – they're the way of life.

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