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Circular Procurement: Innovative solutions in practice

The transition from linear to circular procurement requires a behavioural change and a diverse skill set. This course reveals the importance of access to various tangible information, creative methods, and techniques to activate the circular procurement process and generate productive outcomes across different fields. This course aims to provide innovative instruments, tools and smart tweaks that will allow the workforce to navigate the circular procurement process efficiently and accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy.

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1.5 hours to complete

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Course Overview

Author: Joyce Halloun

This course offers step-by-step guidance on the various stages of the circular procurement process and illustrates creative tweaks that support the integration of Circular Economy best practices. Gain insight into the essential focal points and provides practical recommendations for closing the loop and achieving a more efficient, effective, and circular solution. 

Explore the tangible impact of endorsing circular procurement through best practices and different mechanisms that both practitioners of the public and private sectors can adopt. Moreover, this course offers a curated selection of case studies to help readers better conceptualize and efficiently assess what steps to take to achieve effective results.

With the information provided in this course, practitioners will encounter and attain exceptional education on the best practices and success stories of implementing the circular procurement process in different fields.

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