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Designing Out Waste: The challenges to full circularity

The course examines the role of the Circular Economy in enabling the transition to a more sustainable way of producing goods. Gain a new perspective on value creation for businesses and society by understanding the scope of the global waste problem, identifying key waste contributors, and exploring strategies to reduce waste and promote behavioural change.

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1.5 hours to complete

This self-paced course can be completed in 1.5 hours.

Course Overview

Author: Dr. Hernan Ruiz Ocampo

Co-Author: Vlatka Katusic

The course provides the learner with an overview of the problem of waste and its link with consumption and production and highlights the sectors of increasing waste pollution:

  • Food

  • Plastics and Microplastics

  • Packaging

The course provides a practical overview of the Circular Economy as a critical component in waste elimination and describes:

  • The waste management approach for the Circular Economy.

  • The 10 Rs hierarchy in the Circular Economy.

  • Extended producer responsibility schemes.

  • Alternative materials promoting the Circular Economy.

  • New technologies enabling waste management for the Circular Economy.

Finally, the course describes the drivers of circularity in the waste sector in Europe:

  • Waste Framework Directive.

  • EU Strategy for Plastics in the Circular Economy.

  • Directive on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

  • Packaging Directive.

  • Financial, social and institutional aspects (economic instruments).

Important Details

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