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Digitally Empowered Circular Economy: Business model and industrial innovation

This course is designed to help avant-garde thinkers, progressive leaders, and forward-looking decision-makers leverage the emerging trends of technology for driving the Circular transition. This course explores the power of the convergence of technologies and combinatorial innovations in driving digitally empowered industries, infrastructures, solutions, and business models.

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1.5 hours to complete

This self-paced course can be completed in 1.5 hours.

Course Overview

Author: Dr. Saman Sarbazvatan

The convergence of technologies and combinatorial innovations reshape the fabric of the economy and give rise to disruptive and enabling forces across sectors. The ensuing emergence, divergence, and convergence of technologies propel innovation and provide groundbreaking solutions to tackle SDGs, promote Sustainable Competitiveness, and enable the transition to the Circular Economy. 

This course explores emerging opportunities in leveraging digitally empowered industries, infrastructures, solutions, and business models to drive social, economic, and environmental prosperity via


  • xTech Industries (e.g. FinTech, RegTech, HealthTech, SpaceTech, GameTech, ClimateTech, AgriTech, etc).

  • XaaS Business Models (e.g. Analytics, Intelligence, Insight, Product, Solution, Platform, etc. (X) as a Service).

  • SmartX Solutions and Infrastructures (e.g. Smart Cities, Grids, Buildings, Assets, Manufacturing, Transportation and Mobility Systems, etc).

  • Digitally Empowered Multistakeholder Ecosystems.

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