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Digitally Empowered Circular Economy: Industry 4.0 technological enablers

This course explores the applications and implications of some of the major Digital Enablers of the Circular Economy transition and SDGs and ESG initiatives. It highlights the pivotal role of Data-Informed Decision Making, Innovation, and Governance for smart utilization of assets and resources. This course helps vanguard entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and forward-thinking decision-makers to reinforce their competitive advantage by capitalizing on the emerging trends of digital enablers and purpose-driven innovation to develop cutting-edge strategies and initiatives.

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1.5 hours to complete

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Course Overview

Author: Dr. Saman Sarbazvatan

Industry 4.0 technological enablers empower innovative solutions and services and restructure the economic and business models and market dynamics. Such innovations drive the transition to the Digitally Empowered Circular Economy and help us achieve SDGs and Sustainable Competitiveness more efficiently.  

This course explores some impactful applications and implications of the following technologies in line with the above:

1. Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence for improved data-informed decision-making, resource efficiency, and service and product design,

2. Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT, and Intelligent Assets for enabling connectivity and feedback loops across the Physical, Digital, and Biological realms for resource efficiency, 

3. Blockchain, Tokenized Economies, and Business Models as the cornerstone enabler of Trust, Transparency, and Accountability in responsible operations and governance,

4. Extended Reality, Virtualization, and Digital Twins for enhanced cross-dimensional interactions and reinforced efficiency of processes and resources.

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