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A Journey costing thousands of lives

Today's news does not revolve around a corporate press release or a groundbreaking research discovery. Instead, it sheds light on the sombre narrative painted by the Director of the UN Refugee Agency during his recent address to the Security Council.

In his speech, he forcefully reminded us that the refugee journey doesn't commence at sea; it begins long before, fraught with peril. Furthermore, he underscored that this journey results from a complex interplay of factors, encompassing armed conflicts and the far-reaching impacts of climate change. These elements, compounded by a mounting disparity, have created a perilous confluence that will touch each of us in some manner.

At Exereco, we unwaveringly champion fundamental human rights and the pursuit of a dignified standard of living, regardless of one's location. More significantly, we must continually bear in mind that every action we take, every environmental challenge we choose to confront, holds the potential to bring positive change, not just for ourselves and our immediate circles, but for thousands who are enduring immense suffering.

We encourage you to listen to the brief, approximately 4-minute speech, accessible here, so we may collectively grasp the substantial weight of this concern.


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