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A red flag going unnoticed

A red flag in a blue sky

As you are all aware, our primary aim is to take the lead in the realm of sustainability. While we typically focus on delivering the latest news and updates, there are occasions when we must raise the red flag to address pressing concerns.

One such concern is the ongoing conflicts, and this time, our apprehension extends beyond the conflicts themselves, which we strongly condemn. We are also deeply troubled by the injustices we observe in the reporting of these conflicts. As Westerners, we often prioritise neighbouring nations while inadvertently overlooking other continents, particularly African countries, which frequently receive less coverage in the media.

Graphic of war

The conflict in Sudan persists without respite. According to a report from the United States Institute of Peace, this conflict has expanded its geographical reach. On the 6th of September, The Guardian reported that an alarming 5 million people have been displaced. Subsequently, on the 15th of October, Amnesty International released alarming statistics:

- 5,000 civilian casualties

- Over 12,000 injuries

- 5.7 million people displaced

We must not turn a blind eye to a nation simply because it is not our neighbour. Our commitment to upholding human rights extends to every corner of the globe.

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