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A sea in need of care

We have long held the mistaken belief that the ocean is boundless, with endless resources. However, the reality may be surprising: it is not inexhaustible. Our responsibility should extend to the seas, just as it does on land. This was the central theme of the MedFish4Ever conference, which convened some of the most influential figures in the blue economy. This gathering included scientists, managers, fishermen, and officials from no fewer than 20 countries.

Approximately six years ago, the MedFish4Ever Declaration was formally endorsed. This document addressed a range of critical areas, including:

Enhance data collection and scientific evaluation

  • Establish an ecosystem-based fisheries management framework

  • Develop a culture of compliance and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

  • Support sustainable small-scale fisheries and aquaculture

  • Greater solidarity and coordination in the Mediterranean

We encourage you to read the document in detail to remind us of the steps that we are still to look into.


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