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A Sustainability Investment Success Story

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We aim to redefine the concept of leading by example by seeking inspiration from other companies, pushing ourselves to go the extra mile beyond our current efforts. In this endeavor, we turn our attention to Robeco, a renowned international asset management firm, which has recently published its sustainability report.

Before delving into the report, let's get to know Robeco a bit better. Established in 1929 in Rotterdam, this company has rapidly expanded, currently operating from 16 global offices and employing 1,009 professionals. Robeco manages a substantial €181 billion in assets, with a noteworthy €178 billion dedicated to ESG-integrated investments. These statistics alone are remarkable, especially when considering the growing demand for ESG-integrated assets.

Robeco's sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of their sustainable investing strategy, their approach to managing and integrating climate-related risks, their levels of engagement with stakeholders and companies, and the introduction of focus topics for specific investment products. For those with a keen interest in the world of investments, this report offers valuable insights into the sustainability landscape of investment companies.

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