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An ESG Report from a different operational perspective

Commencing the week, we are spotlighting another company that has released its 2023 ESG report, encompassing the 2022 timeframe. Before delving into the specifics of the report, it's crucial to grasp the company's self-definition as articulated on its website: "Nielsen is a global leader in audience measurement, data, and analytics, shaping the future of media. Measuring behavior across all channels and platforms to discover what audiences love, we empower our clients with trusted intelligence that fuels action."

This particular company offers a distinctive scenario, diverging from the more conventional enterprises dealing with tangible goods or specific services. In this instance, the focus is on data measurement, presenting an intriguing dynamic. The company's areas of emphasis include:

·        Societal trust in media

·        Climate change and environment

·        Fair and functioning media ecosystem

·        Social Inclusion

·        Human Capital Management

·        Ethical governance and business integrity.

These diverse objectives provide insight into the company's multifaceted approach to ESG. While we won't delve into exhaustive details here, we encourage you to peruse the full report for a comprehensive understanding, in the link provided here.



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