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Apple's twist to Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is often perceived as a dry and complex topic, and it's true that lengthy reports filled with data and technical details may not be the most thrilling read for everyone. However, it's essential for organisations committed to sustainability to effectively communicate their efforts to stakeholders.

Keeping stakeholders informed is a fundamental requirement of any ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. The United Nations acknowledges this importance and has even produced a practical guide on stakeholder engagement to help organisations navigate this aspect of sustainability reporting.

The challenge lies in finding a balance between informing stakeholders and avoiding the perception that sustainability reporting is merely a public relations exercise. It's crucial to ensure that stakeholders are properly informed about an organisation’s sustainability initiatives without appearing insincere or self-serving.

Apple's approach, as mentioned, demonstrates how innovative communication strategies can make sustainability reporting more engaging and informative. Their use of videos and other creative methods can set a new standard for how organisations present their sustainability efforts.

We would like to encourage you to watch Apple’s version of a fun and engaging Sustainable Report:


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