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Back to the past? Listening to our customers

The concept of sustainability is in constant flux as we deepen our understanding of its impact across various spheres. Sometimes, it demands us to reevaluate our assumptions, acknowledging that sustainability isn't solely about efficiency but also about meeting the social expectations of our clientele.

Booths supermarket's decision to abandon self-checkout is significant. In an age where digitalisation prevails, this move contradicts the norm. Yet, it underscores that customers, as stakeholders, may prioritise human interaction over mere speed.

These shifts prompt us to reconsider established beliefs and compel us to better grasp the needs and anticipations of our stakeholders. A friendly face at the checkout can brighten one's day, a contrast to the efficiency of a machine lacking human warmth, expressions, and individuality.

Rather than relying on polished press releases, let's turn to first-hand experience. Explore different stores and contemplate your preference: automated self-checkout or the conventional human-staffed one?


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