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CAPA Initiative: A project that inspires us.

At Exereco, we constantly seek fresh projects that inspire us to reimagine sustainability. Again and again, we encounter innovative solutions and products that could potentially have side effects, and some of these effects might not even be on our radar.

This explains why the news published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development has caught our attention. The IISD has launched a three-year project that uses natural measures to assist the local communities in their climate change adaptation. The project will mostly target the more vulnerable groups, such as the marginalised women, striving to empower them whilst encouraging active participation.

The most interesting part is the measures that the project is looking at implementing:

  • Establishing native tree nurseries to help in the reforestation efforts

  • Restoring agricultural lands through soil and water conservation

  • Promoting sustainable fisheries

  • Establishing marine protected areas

  • Providing alternative livelihood for communities

The above five action points are easily transferable to every country in the world, and it begs us to ask if we can copy the same model in our respective countries, wherever we are. In the meantime, we are rooting for all the partners involved in this three-year project.

For more information on the project, we encourage you to access the following link:


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