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Challenging ideas through ESG Reports

Today, we delve into the ESG report of another company, this time hailing from the realm of news reporting. The spotlight is on News Corp, tightly-linked to the well-known Rupert Murdoch as its executive chair. Operating in the UK, Australia, and the USA, News Corp oversees multiple brands beneath its umbrella.

Interestingly, the ESG goals of News Corp extend beyond conventional categories, revealing a noteworthy connection between these goals and the company's operations. While standard sections are still present in their reports, the company distinguishes itself by prioritizing the objective of being a trusted source of news and information. News Corp's approach stands out from the norm, as articulated in their published report:

"In a world strained by partisanship and extremism, where individuals often find themselves confined within algorithmically designed or ideologically rigid silos, News Corp offers a refreshing departure, fostering genuinely free speech. Our publications feature diverse editorial voices, not always in unanimous agreement with each other or our readers. We believe in embracing such diversity. We take pride in the fact that our mastheads are among the most trusted by readers across the political spectrum."

Whether one aligns with this concept or not is a separate matter; however, the act of reading ESG reports and challenging our perspectives is a crucial practice. For a deeper understanding, we recommend exploring the report in more detail.


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