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Charting a Sustainable Path: The Evolution of GHG Protocol Standards

Maintaining relevance is crucial for any standard to retain its standing in the professional realm. It not only signals a commitment to ongoing updates but also ensures alignment with market dynamics by refining criteria and best practices.

This augurs well for the initiative taken by GHG protocol between November 2022  and March 2023 to collect stakeholder input via four online surveys. The topics covered in these surveys are:

-            GHG Protocol’s Corporate Standard,

-            Scope 2 Guidance,

-            Scope 3 Standard and Scope 3 Technical Guidance,

-            market-based approaches

The latter presents very interesting ideas an concepts such as:

-            Project-Based Crediting

-            Supply shed/value chain interventions

-            Certifications

The above indicates a very dynamic future which would hopefully be assisted by an updated standard which ensures that the processes are well standardized throughout the enlisted companies, an essential component for anyone reading and comparing reports.

We urge you to the Survey Draft summary report which has been published for more detailed overview of the said report.


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