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Climate Change Authority, will it be a paper change or an impactful one?

Climate change is more than just a buzz word as we have seen so many times in the past months from one point of view or the other.  However, the lack of initiative from governments and at times just paper change with little to zero impact does not help to give it the right level of importance.

The news that finally the Maltese cabinet has approved the establishment of Climate Change authority had a lukewarm reception for the same reasons listed below.  One is compelled to ask whether this is the first of a series of changes which the authority will be spearheading or another paper change? 

The ramifications of climate change are profound, impacting drinking water accessibility, escalating sea levels endangering communities and agriculture, and influencing food prices. While its effects are universal, those straddling poverty lines face heightened vulnerabilities.

The aspiration hinges on an adept and pioneering authority capable of reframing climate challenges into opportunities while earnestly addressing the pressing issues at hand.


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