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Decarbonization one step at a time

What lies on the horizon for carbon reduction efforts? Undoubtedly, the next big thing in our journey to combat carbonization is decarbonization. While still in its nascent stages, this technology is gaining intriguing momentum that promises to capture attention.

A prominent player in this field, Climeworks, has partnered with Great Carbon Valley to explore a large-scale project in Kenya. So, what does this endeavor entail? The potential removal of one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, securely sequestering it underground. Notably, this project integrates with Kenya's abundant low-carbon energy sources, including solar and geothermal, maximizing the nation's resource potential.

Back in June 2022, CNBC reported widespread skepticism about this solution, dismissing it as a waste of time. Fast forward to 2022, and there's a surging demand for their services, described by the founders themselves as overwhelming.

Once again, this story mirrors the narrative of pioneering ideas initially met with ridicule, only to emerge as industry leaders and game-changers once their full potential is realized by the world.

For more details on the Kenya project, we invite you to visit this link.


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