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Don’t #@!% the Planet

Today, we delve into the latest sustainability report from Atlassian, marking its fifth annual release. For those yet to embark on their inaugural report, this offers an insightful opportunity to explore and glean valuable insights on the process.

Atlassian’s approach stands distinct from conventional financial statements, imbuing their report with the company's authentic ethos. They infuse a true Atlassian vibe, evident in the spirited titles of their initiatives, like 'Don’t #@!% the Planet'.

Central to any sustainability report is its focus on outcomes. Aligning with this ethos, Atlassian's report meticulously delineates:

- The Achievements

- Areas of Shortfall

- Future Objectives

Covering quintessential themes applicable across industries, such as emissions, workforce, customer relations, community engagement, and governance, the report encapsulates key facets.

Spanning 66 pages in a slide-show format, the report is designed for easy perusal. Considering that half comprises appendices, we strongly advocate exploring it via the provided link. It's a treasure trove of ideas to potentially integrate into your own business reporting practices.


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