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Driving Change: Pushing towards sustainable packaging

Tetra Pak has produced a very interesting research which confirms the unofficial trend that we’re seeing at grocery stores and other shops, i.e. that manufacturing leaders are pushing harder to reduce the plastic usage.

However the pushing force behind this focus may be less dependant on the leaders preferences and more towards consumer demand and the consumer in general is become more aware. As a matter of fact this echoes other studies produced by the same companies which highlights the increasing importance that consumers are giving to the environmental impact, up to the extent of justifying  a higher price.

This is all the more relevant when considering the ever-increasing research studies which clearly show the extent that the plastic problem has grown up to. has found that 710 million metric tons of plastic waste has entered the water ecosystem. The future is bleak however with concreate and unified solutions we can turnaround the trend.

The Report form Tetra Pak sheds some optimism on the topic as multiple forces are coming together to change the mindset to a more sustainable one.  


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