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Empowering the Workforce Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

Today, our ESG Reporting journey ventures into the realm of recruitment and talent strategy, shifting away from typical environmental considerations to explore sustainability in an unconventional context. Despite the industry's usual disconnect from sustainability, numerous opportunities lie untapped.

Of particular interest is Manpower Group's ability to leverage its core strengths while pivoting towards specific sustainability objectives. With a focus on upskilling and opportunity creation, the company has outlined the following goals:

  • Training and upskilling 800,000 workers for green jobs in the battery value chain across Europe by 2025.

  • Ambition to train, upskill, or place 10 million people for green jobs by 2030.

  • Expansion of programs like Manpower MyPath® and Experis Academy to enhance employability across industries.

  • Initiatives to promote disability inclusion and LGBTQ+ employment in Italy, Singapore, Spain, and the UK.

  • Commitment to training and placing over 45,000 refugees in European jobs within the next three years.

These targets are intriguing as they align with the company's core specialization while also addressing critical areas such as green jobs and minority groups. This approach marks a significant departure from traditional ESG Reports, where companies often undergo operational shifts. Instead, it harnesses the company's strengths for sustainable and equitable goals.

For a deeper dive into the company's strategic thinking, we recommend reading the full report.


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