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EU to ban Greenwashing

Have you ever wondered why suddenly all products claim to be climate-neutral, even when they're predominantly made of plastic? Or questioned how flights could be labelled carbon-neutral despite their well-known high emissions? It turns out you're not alone in your scepticism. The European Union has enacted a law that prohibits such labels when they are based solely on emissions offsetting. In essence, purchasing carbon credits alone won't warrant using such a label.

Furthermore, companies must disclose the expected lifespan of certain items, like refrigerators or TVs. This transparency empowers consumers to make more informed choices, unlike the current situation where we often lack information on how long a particular item will last, inadvertently contributing to the growing waste problem.

This development is undoubtedly positive news for consumers who strive to make eco-conscious decisions and shop sustainably. Simultaneously, companies genuinely committed to sustainability are poised to gain the recognition they deserve for their products.

This represents a small yet significant stride toward a greener future, a step that's now less elusive. For more details on this initiative, you can refer to the EU press release.


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