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Exploring Edison International's ESG Journey and Their Contributions to National Policies

In our quest to explore different companies and their ESG plans, we will be delving into an energy company named Edison International. This company, established in 1886, operates within the electricity sector. Typically, the mere mention of electricity suppliers raises concerns, which makes this analysis particularly intriguing.

Upon reviewing the report, the focus immediately shifts to the company's transition to clean energy. Unlike many other companies, Edison International emphasizes not only internal procedures but also national policies. This is clearly demonstrated through their participation in national organizations within the USA, their home country. Interestingly, the company defines sustainability not only in terms of clean energy but also as ensuring the security of the energy source and affordability for customers.

Another notable aspect is lobbying. Companies are often indirectly involved in lobbying through various groups, which may not always align with their goals. However, Edison International explicitly identifies the trade associations it collaborates with and explains how each association’s goals align with its own.

The report continues with detailed information on standard metrics such as GHG emissions, carbon footprint, and the company's future plans. Once again, the ESG Report has provided us with deeper insights into the company's operations while broadening our perspective on different approaches to sustainability.

For more information on Edison International, we strongly suggest reviewing their report here.


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