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Extreme Heatwave Sweeps across Sahel and West Africa

Amidst global calls for urgent climate action, recent extreme weather events like floods and heatwaves have underscored the tangible impacts of climate change. Across the Sahel and West Africa, temperatures skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, with Mali hitting a scorching 48.5°C and Burkina Faso sweltering at 32°C. Shockingly, 102 lives were lost in Mali alone, underlining the gravity of the situation.

Heatwaves exacerbated vulnerabilities, especially during Ramadan, and power cuts further strained coping capacities. While the El Niño event played a minor role compared to anthropogenic climate change, rapid urbanization worsened the urban heat effect. The situation reminds us of the urgency to strengthen critical services like electricity, water, and healthcare systems, necessitating increased investment for reliable access and service delivery.

We urge you to stay updated on the situation directly through the world weather attribution.


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