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Food redistribution: No waste, No Hunger

When walking down a bustling street, it's hard not to notice the numerous restaurants, pubs, and other food-serving establishments that seem to pop up constantly. Amidst the wonder of how they open so swiftly, questions about food wastage naturally arise.

According to statistics from WRAP, the amount of redistributed food increased by 27% in 2022, compared to previous years. This is a significant statistic that aligns with SDG 2 – Zero Hunger.

However, let's shift our focus from statistics to the impact on meals. This translates to 29,000 tonnes of collected food, equivalent to 70 million meals that have been redistributed. It underscores the idea that maintaining high food quality in eateries doesn't have to result in excessive wastage.

It's crucial to remember that every uneaten meal represents someone going to bed hungry. Simultaneously, let's explore innovative solutions to combat food wastage, not only in restaurants but also in our offices and homes.

We encourage you to read the full report by following this link.

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