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France Targets Textile Waste Proposing €10 Per Item Penalty

France has proposed a groundbreaking measure targeting the ultra-fast fashion industry, exemplified by companies like Shein, for their environmental impact. The National Assembly of France has unanimously approved a bill that imposes strict regulations to tackle textile waste and unsustainable consumption. The proposed legislation aims to introduce penalties of up to €10 ($11) per item by 2030 and enforce a ban on advertising for such products.

The bill, now approved by the National Assembly, will proceed to the senate for further consideration before potentially becoming law.

In response, Shein has defended its business model, claiming that it reduces waste by aligning production with consumer demand and keeping unsold inventory minimal, unlike traditional retailers which generate more waste. However, the company warns that the proposed bill may negatively affect the spending power of French consumers, especially amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

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