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Google's way of tackling traffic congestion

The week began with a challenging situation due to the ongoing war, so it's only appropriate to experience the weekend on a more positive note. It has been an intriguing experience learning about Project Green, Google's AI initiative that harnesses technology and data from Google Maps to tackle a seemingly insurmountable problem - traffic congestion.

The central idea revolves around optimising traffic signals making use of the existing infrastructure to enhance practicality and efficiency. Google has reported an impressive 30% reduction in traffic stops and a 10% decrease in emissions at the intersections where this technology is being implemented. Instead of analysing individual intersections in isolation, it scrutinises multiple intersections, enabling the optimisation of traffic flow between them, resulting in a more comprehensive solution.

We encourage you to watch the video at this link, as visual demonstrations are the most effective way to grasp the positive impact this technology will have on our daily lives.


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