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Graphic Packaging International's Nurturing Our Planet for Future Generation

We yet again draw our reader's attention to some result-oriented initiatives that are being implemented by global entities in the journey to protect the environment. Today we focus on Graphic Packaging International. A fiber-based consumer packaging company that seeks to package life’s everyday moments for a renewable future headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For a company that each product relies on trees despite being a renewable resource, Graphic Packaging International is leading the charge in sustainable forestry management to protect our planet's precious resources. With a focus on sustaining forest ecosystems and responsible sourcing practices, Graphic Packaging is setting a new standard for environmental stewardship in the packaging industry.

With a vision that extends beyond business success, their ESG report indicates a dedication to positive outcomes for people, the planet, and partnerships. Their 2025 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals exemplify this commitment, aiming to invest in innovation, collaborate with partners, support employees, and uphold the planet's well-being. At the heart of Graphic Packaging's operations lies a profound respect for nature. Their ESG report depicts that over 94% of their product revenues in 2022 came from fiber-based products sourced from responsibly managed, renewable tree fibers. Recognizing the critical role forests play in our ecosystem, Graphic Packaging prioritizes sustainable forest stewardship practices, by that are guided by three core principles: sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests, certifying fiber sourcing practices through credible third-party frameworks, and maximizing the use of recycled fiber and recovered forest materials.

The 2022 ESG report shows a deep collaboration between Graphic Packaging International and its suppliers, training them in best management practices to support diverse species and habitats during harvest activities. Through partnerships with organizations like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), they ensure suppliers implement practices that protect water quality, biodiversity, and worker safety. One peculiar initiative cited in the ESG report is their understanding of the vital importance of healthy forests.  Through strategic partnerships they are able to undertake initiatives such as restoring native ecosystems to protecting habitats for endangered wildlife, their initiatives amplify the positive impacts of forests and contribute to long-term sustainability.

Their contribution towards sustainable development goal 12, responsible production and consumption is highly established in their ESG 2022 report.  Specifically, Graphic Packaging International emphasizes the use of recovered materials throughout their process. By advocating for increased acceptance of fiber-based packaging materials and promoting paper cup recycling, they demonstrate a commitment to closing the loop and reducing waste.

With diverse initiatives covering other aspects of their environment, social, and governance practices, we invite you to explore the full report, which offers deeper insights through the provided Link.


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