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Transforming Rotterdam: A Technological Approach to Sustainability

Europe is taking the sustainability challenge seriously, and Air Products is actively progressing with the establishment of a substantial carbon capture and carbon dioxide treatment facility in Rotterdam. This facility will produce a product known as blue hydrogen, with plans to deliver it to customers as early as 2026.

Of particular significance is the plant's primary objective: capturing CO2 emissions from both ExxonMobil's refinery and Air Products' hydrogen plant. The question then arises, what will be done with the collected CO2? The answer lies in the company's plan to store the captured CO2 in depleted gas fields located 20 kilometers off the coast and over 3 kilometers beneath the seabed. This innovative storage method will be facilitated through the Porthos system, which marks the Netherlands' first large-scale CO2 transport and storage system.

As a result of these efforts, Air Products will significantly reduce its CO2 emissions in the Port of Rotterdam by more than half, all while actively seeking alternative methods to further decarbonize its operations. Once again, this demonstrates a multi-faceted approach to addressing a complex issue.

For additional details on this project, we encourage you to read the press release available here.


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