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GSC Impact: Pioneering Change in the Evolving Finance World

The finance world keeps evolving, driven by societal, economic, and steering group pressures. One notable change is from the Global Steering Group, established nearly a decade ago in 2015 as a result of the G8. This group, now rebranded as GSG Impact, is pushing to stay relevant in today’s landscape.

GSG Impact focuses on three key areas:

- Mobilizing private capital for public good

- Ensuring impact transparency and integrity

- Building impact economies

An intriguing aspect is their definition of impact economies: "A more inclusive, equitable, and environmentally responsible economic system." This concept is supported by five pillars:

- Government

- Demand

- Supply

- Intermediaries

- Ecosystem enablers

Instead of merely reading the news, we encourage you to delve into the report produced by the group titled "Transition to Impact Economies – A Global Overview."


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