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Hydrogen-powered vehicles making strides through the newly unveiled city bus.

Lately, the spotlight has been firmly on electric cars, with statistics often serving as a global benchmark to gauge our progress towards more sustainable mobility. While there have been other alternatives, they appeared somewhat out of reach. However, it now seems we are shattering that barrier and making strides in the realm of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

While hydrogen-powered cars themselves are not a new concept, the fact that they are becoming increasingly commercialised is making them a more viable option. This progress is exemplified by the introduction of a city bus that combines hybrid and hydrogen power.

This city bus is a standard low-floor model measuring 12 meters in length. It boasts a hydrogen storage capacity of up to 7.8kg and is equipped with a 69kWh battery pack. Equally important is its impressive driving range of 450km, a crucial feature for a city bus.

To wrap up this article, it is worth noting the words of Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Vehicle and hydrogen Business at Hyundai Motor Company: "Today's unveiling is yet another tangible example of our strong partnership and commitment to accelerating the industry's transition to net-zero emissions while advancing our mission of progress for humanity."

For more detailed information, we encourage you to read the press release from Iveco Group.


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