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Illuminating Insights on the Corruption Perception Index

Repeatedly, we have emphasized that ESG goes beyond environmental concerns, yet we continue to encounter the misconception that it exclusively pertains to environmental enthusiasts. It is essential to express our strong disagreement with such notions. Today, we aim to substantiate this assertion by shedding light on a distinct domain – that of corruption.

The Corruption Perception Index remains a significant global metric, revealing that even some countries within the EU have experienced a decline in public perception. This underscores the trust deficit among the public towards their respective institutions, underscoring the need for substantial efforts to address these issues.

Regrettably, the statistics paint a grim picture:

- The Sub-Saharan region registers the lowest scores.

- Europe emerges as the highest-scoring region.

- While 28 countries showed improvement, 34 experienced a decline.

More importantly, it is crucial to bear in mind the key recommendations outlined in the same document:

- Strengthen the independence of the justice system.

- Enhance transparency in the justice system.

- Introduce integrity and monitoring mechanisms.

- Foster cooperation within the justice system.

- Improve access to justice.

- Expand avenues for accountability in cases of grand corruption.

We strongly urge you to delve into the report for a more comprehensive understanding of these issues.


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