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Playing with Purpose: Mattel's ESG Strategy

Mattel, the company renowned for iconic brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Uno, has recently released an update on its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy and objectives. Understanding the inner workings of a company responsible for household names like these is pivotal.

Mattel's ESG strategy and goals can be distilled into the following key points:

  • Sustainable Design and Development: This forms the core of their operations.

  • Responsible Sourcing and Production: It outlines how they bring their products to life.

  • Thriving and Inclusive Communities: This represents their targeted social impact.

The report delves into a wealth of statistical data encompassing various aspects, including:

  • Human Rights

  • Circularity

  • Certification of Sourced Materials

  • Waste Management

  • Purposeful Play

  • Pay Equity

While we acknowledge that multiple factors influence our choices when buying toys for our children, it's undeniable that such data can instil a sense of satisfaction, not only in children but also in the adults making these purchases. Whether this impact is tangible or not, we firmly believe that such reporting is indispensable for transparency and to empower more informed consumers.

We strongly encourage you to delve deeper into the report to acquaint yourself with the company that has brought joy to multiple generations through its beloved toys. It's an opportunity to connect with the company behind the cherished toys that have been a part of countless households. Read full report here.


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