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Prioritising Peace: SDG 16 and the Call to End Violence

Exereco's team typically remains occupied daily, diligently searching for various news stories, meticulously verifying their sources, and subsequently sharing our discoveries. However, today, we are choosing to pause and reflect. Given the proximity of numerous ongoing conflicts, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the recent acts of brutality.

Regardless of the complexities of right and wrong and the intricate political dynamics at play, we must reiterate the fundamental importance of living in peace. Let us seize this moment to recall the objectives outlined in SDG 16, as articulated on the UN website:

"Goal 16 is centered on the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, ensuring access to justice for all, and fostering the development of effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at every level. It is our collective aspiration that people everywhere can live without fear of violence in all its forms, feeling secure as they pursue their lives, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, or sexual orientation."

It goes without saying that the current state of warfare starkly contrasts with the ideals set forth by SDG 16. It is our responsibility not only to advocate for justice but also to champion peaceful means of achieving it, eschewing the use of arms and the tragic loss of innocent lives.


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