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Revolutionising Energy: Discover Carbon-Neutral eLG and Sustainable Production

As we pursue the adoption of renewable energy, it's crucial not to overlook the potential for improving the environmental friendliness of our existing energy sources. This may appear to be a mere play on words, but HIF Global and Empresas Gasco have achieved something remarkable: the production of carbon-neutral liquefied gas.

Though the concept might seem difficult to grasp, it turns out that what seems contradictory at first actually has a straightforward explanation. This gas is extracted from the Earth using renewable energy, specifically wind power. Furthermore, it's a byproduct of the synthetic gasoline production process and needs to be blended with traditional liquefied gas. This unique product is commonly referred to as eLG.

In our unrelenting pursuit of a more positive global outlook and a sustainable future, this presents another viable option. As we transition from heavily polluting energy sources towards renewables, we should also focus on decarbonising our production processes at various sites.

For more information about eLG, we recommend reading the press release issued by HIF Global.


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