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Small Changes, Big Impact: Hawksmoor's Commitment to Sustainability

Understanding the significance of minor small changes in our mindset and business operations is essential in the battle for climate change. These modifications can result in substantial advantages for both companies and the ecosystem. In a recent discussion, Ellie Besley-Gould from Hawksmoor discussed the restaurant's unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Hawksmoor has established an ambitious goal of achieving net zero by 2030, utilizing carbon tracking and sustainable methods to steer their development.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association, a long-time partner of Hawksmoor, has been a key advocate in Hawksmoor's sustainability journey. With branches in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, Hawksmoor has meticulously reviewed all facets of their day-to-day activities. They concentrate on crucial areas like energy efficiency, waste minimization, and water preservation, consistently exploring methods to diminish their ecological impact.

Embedding sustainable approaches into a company is a gradual procedure that demands a collaborative endeavor. Hawksmoor stresses the importance of setting an example from senior management to each team member to ensure the triumph of their initiatives. Every new recruit participates in a comprehensive two-day training session concentrating on the restaurant's sustainability strategies and objectives. Ellie Besley-Gould highlights, "People exhibit a great interest in the sustainability aspect, and for some, it serves as the driving force behind their decision to join us."

The notable influence Hawksmoor is generating underscores the efficacy of incorporating sustainability tactics. Their actions underscore the pivotal role that companies can undertake in setting an example in the hospitality sector. Stay informed about Hawksmoor's progression towards net zero and their continuous sustainability campaigns.


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