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Tackling Climate Change disclosures through new GRI Standards

Standards play a crucial role in ensuring unbiased information and establishing a common ground for comparison. This becomes especially vital in the realm of sustainability, where the prevalence of greenwashing makes having reliable standards essential.

The recently published draft versions of two standards by GRI regarding climate change disclosure by companies underscore this significance. These standards aim to:

- Provide comprehensive disclosure of climate change transition and adaptation plans and actions.

- Detail annual progress regarding emission reduction targets.

- Clearly explain and be transparent about the utilization of carbon credits and GHG removals.

Feedback on these standards is open until February 29, 2024. It’s strongly advised to seize this opportunity and thoroughly grasp the recommendations. At exereco, we’re delving into these standards to assist in dissecting the key concepts they scrutinize.

We urge everyone to review the standards by accessing the following link.

Standards Disclosures


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