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TNFD set to creating worldwide impact

Fridays typically bring lower energy levels, so we wanted to counteract fatigue with a dose of positive news. We've come across significant developments involving 46 countries and 320 organizations.

TNFD, short for Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, is a globally recognized institution established in June 2021 with backing from the G20 and G7 governments. TNFD offers guidance to corporate and financial entities across four crucial areas:

- Governance

- Strategy

- Risk and Impact management

- Metrics and Targets

This news holds immense significance as the represented countries through these 320 organizations span the globe, albeit to varying extents. The breakdown in the news press categorizes the countries as follows:

• Europe: 137 (43%)

• Asia and the Pacific: 134 (42%)

• North America: 21 (6%)

• Latin America and the Caribbean: 18 (6%)

• Africa and the Middle East: 10 (3%)

Given our belief in supporting such initiatives, we encourage you to review the list of early adopters. Consider using this information when making purchasing decisions once again.


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