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Water, the forgotten component of climate change

In our discussions about weather changes, we often centre on heatwaves, energy requirements, and the wider subject of climate change. Yet, amidst these talks, we frequently overlook a crucial aspect directly linked to these concerns: water supply. Climate change significantly affects water availability, resulting in two extremes—droughts and floods.

Addressing these risks is crucial, but relying solely on large-scale infrastructure projects presents its own set of issues. Instead, the joint position paper released on 26th October under the title "Adapting to the Climate and Water Crises" advocates for alternative measures. An intriguing point highlighted in the report is the focus on improving freshwater ecosystems, moving away from the initial reliance on dams as the primary solution. Specifically, the report stresses three key areas:

- Protecting wetlands

- Preserving free-flowing rivers

- Managing small water bodies

The paper sets out a recommended plan of action:

- Complete implementation of the EU Green Deal

- Establishment of a new Water and Climate Resilience Law

- Strict adherence to the EU Water Framework Directive

- Integration of climate adaptation strategies into all new EU legislative and non-legislative actions

- Halting EU subsidies for activities that harm river morphology, water quality, and natural water retention.

We invite you to delve into the concise report for a deeper understanding of these issues and the suggested action steps.

Climate Change


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