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Building Effective Control Processes

The document emphasizes the importance of clear ownership and reporting structures for an effective ESG data control system. Assigning accountability for data collection and reporting helps to clarify roles and ensure transparency. It is crucial to map out reporting hierarchies and have individuals responsible for data provision sign off on internal management statements.

To safeguard data accuracy, the document introduces the ESG data control matrix, which combines manual and automated measures, preventive and detective strategies, and input controls. Automation streamlines processes, while manual validation enhances scrutiny. Preventive measures stop inaccuracies at the source, while detective measures identify anomalies post-entry.

The document concludes by highlighting that effective control processes are crucial for enhancing ESG data accuracy and reliability. By addressing responsibility, definitions, scope, significance, reporting, and risk, organizations can establish a systematic approach to ESG data management. This not only improves data quality but also enhances internal control processes, paving the way for transparency, reliability, and sustainable value creation.

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Building Effective Control Processes

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