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Discovering nature-based solutions

The world faces unprecedented challenges as essential ecosystems confront threats from human activities and climate change, leading to habitat degradation and biodiversity loss. In response, Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) are emerging as a transformative approach that harnesses the resilience of ecosystems to address societal challenges effectively. NbS encompasses various practices, including forest landscape restoration, integrated water resource management, and ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation.

These solutions aim to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural ecosystems while providing benefits for both human well-being and biodiversity. Guiding principles set forth by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) underpin NbS implementation, emphasizing nature conservation norms, flexibility, and equitable societal benefits. Despite challenges such as lack of political support and insufficient financing, scaling NbS effectively involves replicating successful initiatives, leveraging social initiatives, and influencing institutions and policies.

Embracing NbS represents a profound paradigm shift in our relationship with the environment, urging collaboration with nature to address pressing environmental challenges and foster a sustainable future.

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Discovering nature-based solutions

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