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Education: A Catalyst for Health Gains and Well-Being

Stronger educational attainment is associated with lower rates of poverty, economic growth, and better health outcomes, demonstrating the connection between education and human development. become a force for transformation that will have a significant impact on improvements in health and general well-being.

For example, research indicates that literate moms give their children a markedly increased chance of surviving and that providing even a basic primary education might avert hundreds of thousands of HIV cases each year. People with more education also typically take up healthier habits, react better to health-related information, and are less prone to HIV/AIDS and related illnesses.

To put it simply, education is essential to improving health, promoting well-being, and advancing sustainable development. Societies can build a better and healthier future for everybody by incorporating education into health programs and encouraging educational attainment. Download to read the full article.

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Education: A Catalyst for Health Gains and Well-Being

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