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Report on Coffee Barometer 2023

The 2023 Coffee Barometer presents an extensive examination of the sustainability challenges encountered by the coffee sector, providing valuable perspectives on crucial aspects such as price dynamics, sustainable practices in production and consumption, resilient livelihoods, and corporate sustainability approaches. The publication guides its audience through inquiries such as the key determinants influencing the fluctuations in coffee prices and their repercussions on coffee producers. It also delves into ongoing endeavors aimed at tackling the obstacles related to sustainable coffee production and consumption, particularly focusing on environmental and social sustainability aspects.

Additionally, it explores ways in which coffee enterprises can elevate their sustainability strategies to effectively handle issues like human rights, climate change, and the economic sustainability of coffee growers, alongside the influence of regulations in this transformative phase. With a renewed emphasis on instigating significant transformations, stakeholders are actively supporting initiatives targeted at driving widespread changes within the sector, encompassing endeavors to combat deforestation, uphold human rights, and bolster climate resilience. Looking ahead to the year 2030, the industry underscores the significance of collaborative efforts to construct a coffee sector that is genuinely sustainable, fair, and impartial.

Refer to the primary article to access valuable insights pertaining to coffee production and sustainability.

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Report on Coffee Barometer 2023

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