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Transformative Power of Education in Reducing Inequality

Since inequality is still a problem in our society, we continue to explore how education may help. In order to remove obstacles, lessen discrimination, and promote political and social activism, education is essential. In order to develop practical solutions for a more fair world, it is imperative to comprehend how inequality is influenced by education. A reduction in income inequality, a significant problem in today's society, is closely correlated with a more equitable distribution of educational possibilities.

Studies reveal that Malaysia, whose percentage of secondary education increased from 20% in 1980 to 48% in 2000, is a prime example of the transformational potential of education. Income disparity has decreased in nations like France, Malaysia, and Brazil as secondary education completion has increased. But there are many obstacles in the way of education, especially when it comes to access and quality.

Enacting laws that provide universal, fee-free education from pre-primary to secondary levels is essential to creating an inclusive school environment. Delivering high-quality education that promotes equality for all members of society requires prioritizing public education systems above privatization, modifying education policy to expressly address gender gaps, and properly supporting public education systems.

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Transformative Power of Education in Reducing Inequality

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