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Exereco Sunday Bliss

This week, we're excited to kick off Exereco Sunday Bliss, an initiative starting today. In a world where news overload often leads to stress, it's crucial to strike a balance, especially considering the impact on mental health, as highlighted by the American Psychological Association's study linking news consumption to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep issues. Addressing this aligns with SDG 3's goal of fostering healthier communities, emphasizing mental well-being.

Enter Exereco Sunday Bliss—a dedicated day each week to set aside the latest news and instead spotlight positive initiatives and uplifting facts worldwide. But it's not just about that. This initiative aims to shine a light on community endeavors and non-profit organizations, acknowledging and celebrating their invaluable contributions. Beyond the business landscape, these non-profits play a critical role in bettering our communities and the world at large.

We're extending an invitation to organizations with compelling initiatives—whether it's a small fundraiser or a substantial project—to reach out. We're eager to amplify their work, spreading the word and support for the impactful projects they're championing. Let's collaborate and make a positive difference together.


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